Information Security: Managing Risk to Critical Information Assets and Systems

InfoDefense assists companies and government organizations in managing the growing risk to their critical information. With a singular focus on information security and risk management, we offer assessment, planning, regulatory compliance, training, and design services. These offerings include packages sized for organizations with common industry and market specific requirements.


What are HiPAA, PCI-DSS and SOX all about? What are SOC 1, SOC 2, SSAE 16 and do I need them? Are there regulatory compliance requirements I should know about? We can provide assessment services for your business to determine if you need to be compliant with any government or industry regulations. We can also help you audit your processes to ensure you meet these standards.

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How do I make sure my information is safe? Are my employees stealing intellectual property? Are we being attacked by hackers? InfoDefense can help you fortify your computer systems against data loss from both internal employees and external “bad guys.” We can also conduct penetration tests to ensure your systems are not vulnerable to attack.

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We’ve been hacked! How do we determine the impact? What are the laws around disclosure? InfoDefense can work with your internal IT team to identify and minimize a security breach and help guide you through the legal implications when this occurs.

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Our Approach

With the average cost of a security breach now exceeding $6 million, information security is an absolute necessity. Today, companies face a continually changing threat landscape coupled with an increasing number of regulations.

As a result, information protection is more complex than ever. InfoDefense helps its clients stay ahead of emerging threats and regulations, so that they can focus on their core business.

Information Security
Ultimately, security is a function of risk management, and InfoDefense is unique in using a risk-based approach to information security.

Where many security companies focus on simply implementing security technologies, we assist our customers in identifying critical information and addressing the risks to that information with an appropriate mix of education, process, and technology.

Reduce Cost and Increase Security Effectiveness

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