Enterprise information assurance solutions from InfoDefense help you and your executives sleep at night by giving you answers to several questions: How do you know your information is safe? Are your employees stealing intellectual property? Are you being attacked by hackers? We can fortify your computer systems against data loss from both internal employees and external “bad guys.” We can also conduct penetration tests to ensure your systems are not vulnerable to attack.

Security Design and Implementation

InfoDefense combines experienced security experts and partnerships with best-of-breed security product vendors to offer turn-key security solutions. Our expert consultants can design and install new security products and train your staff to maintain them.

Information Protection

InfoDefense offers top rate service to protect your personal and business information by services such as Data Protection, Email Encryption, and Desktop Encryption..

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) | Data Encryption Services

Identity and Access Management

IAM innovation can be utilized to start, catch, record and oversee client identities and their identified access authorizations in an automated manner. This guarantees access benefits are granted with authorized access and proper authentication.

Two-Factor Authentication | Public Key Infrastructure | Privileged Access Management

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Proper planning and executed risk and weakness management programs represent a key component in an association’s data security program, furnishing a methodology to hazard and threat mitigation that is proactive and business-aligned, not just reactive and innovation focused.

System and Network Vulnerability Scanning | Advanced Persistent Threat Protection | Web Application Security | Threat Vector Analysis

Network Security

Comprises of the procurements and approaches embraced by a system manager to counteract and screen unapproved access, abuse, alteration, or disavowal of a computer network and networ-accessible assets.

Next Generation Firewall/Unified Threat Management | Network Intrusion Prevention | Managed Security Services

System Security

Ensure that your computer system is safe with system security, which controls access to a computer system’s resources, the files, and information of the operating system.

Malware Protection | Host Intrusion Prevention | File Integrity Monitoring | Mobile Device Management