We’ve been hacked! InfoDefense can help you get through this nightmare by working with you on answering these questions: How do we determine the impact? What are the laws around disclosure? We work side-by-side with your internal IT team to identify and minimize a security breach and help guide you through the legal implications when this occurs.

Computer Incident Response

When you are blind-sided by a security breach, malware outbreak, laptop theft, or HR issue, our expert consultants are available to assist your team in minimizing damage, protecting electronic evidence, and determining the root cause of an incident.

Incident Stabilization | Computer Evidence Discovery | Root Cause Analysis

Computer Forensics and eDiscovery

InfoDefense can provide a variety of forensic services and help you with your e-discovery needs. In addition to assisting you through the recovery of digital evidence, we have forensic examiners that are licensed by the State of Texas and certified by both state and federal courts to provide expert testimony.

Computer Forensic Services | Incident Response | Evidence Collection and Analysis (Electronic Discovery) | Expert Witness | Litigation Support