Security Assessment

InfoDefense offers a wide range of security assessment services including vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, red team exercises, information risk assessments and security program evaluations. Enterprise Information Security Assessment | Information Security Audit | Regulatory Compliance Assessment | Internet Security Assessment | Internal Network Security Assessment | Controlled Penetration Testing

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

As complex as the regulatory landscape has become, many organizations need assistance in developing their IT risk and compliance programs. InfoDefense has the expertise to remedy compliance headaches. Regulatory Gap Analysis | Policy and Standard Development | Security Procedure Development | Vendor Management | Information Risk Analysis | Security Governance Committee Initiation

Security Design and Implementation

InfoDefense partners with best-of-breed security product vendors to offer turn-key security solutions. Our expert consultants can design and install new security products and train your staff to maintain them.

Computer Incident Response

When you are blind-sided by a security breach, malware outbreak or HR issue, our expert consultants are available to assist your team in minimizing damage, protecting electronic evidence and determining the root cause of an incident. Incident Stabilization | Computer Evidence Discovery | Root Cause Analysis

Computer Forensics and eDiscovery

InfoDefense forensic examiners are licensed by the State of Texas and certified by both state and federal courts to provide expert testimony. Computer Forensic Services | Incident Response | Evidence Collection and Analysis (Electronic Discovery) | Expert Witness | Litigation Support