Computer Forensic Services

InfoDefense offers a full suite of computer forensic services that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of enterprise, government, legal and law enforcement organizations. Our computer forensic examiners are certified in the State of Texas and nationwide, and use industry standard methodologies and practices to ensure the integrity of evidence throughout the entire process.

Incident Response

InfoDefense designed its computer incident response service to help organizations address information security compromises quickly and efficiently, with as little business impact as possible. Our services can handle breaches caused by internal or external sources including hackers, disgruntled employees, internet worms or even employees who are misusing computer systems.

Evidence Collection and Analysis (Electronic Discovery)

Whether electronic evidence is required for an employment termination or a law suit, it should be preserved, handled and analyzed by experts in order to be admissible in court. InfoDefense created its computer forensics methodology around the US Department of Justice electronic evidence search and seizure guidelines. We believe it is prudent to assume that all evidence we collect will be used in a court of law, so our methodology ensures that the evidence that we collect is both useful and admissible.

Expert Witness

InfoDefense can supply some of the most experienced computer forensic and information security professionals in the industry for expert courtroom testimony. If you are involved in a lawsuit that requires a computer security or digital forensics expert, contact us for assistance.

Litigation Support

In addition to expert testimony, InfoDefense offers pre-trial consultation and exhibit preparation services to assist attorneys in preparing for courtroom presentation of digital evidence. Contact us to learn more about InfoDefense litigation support services.