Two-Factor Authentication

Relying on an outdated username/password login scheme opens up your systems to the multitude of password-based attacks from the outside. In today’s threat-laced environment, two-factor authentication is a must to counteract these threats. InfoDefense works with you to identify the appropriate solution for your business. Our security experts are well-versed in two-factor authentication, including: cloud-based verification services, hardware or software tokens and mobile device integration.

Public Key Infrastructure

If you transfer data through an insecure network connection (like the internet) to corporate partners, establishing a secure connection through an SSL-based public key infrastructure ensures that this communication occurs without being compromised by malicious attackers. InfoDefense provides PKI solutions that ensure your inter-company data transmissions are secure and the intended destination has been verified.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged access management protects your business from the inherent risks your system administrators and other privileged users present. Studies have demonstrated that these individuals are consistently behind the most damaging security breaches. InfoDefense provides mitigation controls for the risk of privileged access, including: password safe keeping, control/monitoring/auditing of privileged user accounts and the ability to record privileged sessions for auditing. Our solutions encompass critical systems and applications access in the data center, virtual platforms, and cloud environments.