Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

An essential part of protecting your confidential data is knowing when your confidential data is leaving your systems and networks and optionally preventing the loss from occurring. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provides this protection, and InfoDefense can work with you to define your data loss prevention policies and implement systems and processes to mitigate the potential damage such a loss can encompass. Our solutions manage your information wherever it is stored and used, identifies data owners and monitors and alerts you to how confidential data is being used and where it is going.

Data Encryption Services

Encryption solutions from InfoDefense deliver data protection through encryption using standards-based technology, compliance-based reporting, centralized policy management and single point of management for your business. Our solutions keep your data encrypted, both at rest and in motion, to minimize the impact of data should it be lost – through the theft of a corporate laptop, for example. In certain industries, sensitive financial information and personal health information must be encrypted, or your business could face severe penalties for non-compliance.

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