Malware Protection

Anti-virus solutions have been around forever, but how well are you protected in today’s rapidly changing threat environment? InfoDefense moves you beyond anti-virus with fully-layered protection, providing support for your physical and virtual systems and the latest operating systems to provide maximum performance and advanced protection.

Host Intrusion Prevention

Host-based intrusion protection helps secure your physical and virtual data centers, and InfoDefense provides proven and comprehensive solutions for server security. You will gain proactive protection for your enterprise from zero-day attacks, advanced threats, and even insider-led security breaches and gain real-time visibility and control with our comprehensive solution.

File Integrity Monitoring

Our file integrity monitoring solution ensures that your configuration files, log files and data files exchanged with your corporate partners are not modified from their original settings. These files can be monitored to identify what changes were made, who made them and when they were made. In addition to monitoring on-going operations in your systems, file integrity solutions can provide reports and logs to support compliance audits.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) empowers organizations to address the inherent conflict between providing critical operating information to mobile devices and users and the need to protect that information. InfoDefense works with you to secure your mobile environment through solutions that allow you to manage mobile devices from a central administrative console. We can also help you develop systems and processes that allow you to provision and configure mobile devices quickly and efficiently, reconfigure and update mobile device settings “over the air,” and provide secure access to information on your mobile devices. Should you need a “bring your own device” policy framework, we can assist you in the development and rollout of those policies as well.