Security Awareness

Security breaches, including ransomware and other malware attacks, are now an every day reality. Employees can be the weakest link or strongest asset in protecting your organization from these emerging threats. Therefore, it is vital to implement a comprehensive security awareness and education program to ensure that security remains top of mind.

eSecurity Awareness

InfoDefense offers a full suite of turn-key security awareness and assessment services through the eSecurity Awareness brand. Our fully-managed program combines training and reinforcement with simulated phishing assessments. The goal is to measure and improve employee security behavior. Our security awareness program services provide proven results without additional IT workload.

eSecurity Awareness program features include live, virtual and computer-based training courses, monthly phishing assessments, simulated exploitation, newsletters and break-room posters.

Security Awareness Training


On-Demand, interactive and engaging training courses that include examples of common scams, live demonstrations and scenario-based exercises.



Simulated attacks using hundreds of realistic phishing email templates that are designed to lure users into clicking a link or disclose sensitive information.

Security Awareness Metrics


Monthly reports that include key metrics such as “phish-prone” rate, course completion rate and other statistics to measure security awareness program results.

Security Awareness Courses

Why Implement Security Awareness?

  • Improved Employee Vigilance
  • Cost Effective Risk Reduction
  • Measurable Results
  • Minimal Time Investment