Incident Response

Incident Response

Incident Response

You get that dreaded call in the middle of the night. Your company has been hacked.  Our security experts stand ready to help minimize damages.


When a computer security incident occurs, day-to-day processes are no longer useful. Therefore, it is important to establish a plan that includes roles and responsibilities, key contacts and high-level response procedures to ensure a timely and effective response. Leverage our industry-proven templates to provide a customized incident response plan.

Early Warning System

According to industry statistics, the average security breach remains undiscovered for several months. Identify violations before they become a security incident by implementing technologies that will detect security events early. Early detection provides an opportunity to respond before damage is done.

Breach Response

When you are blind-sided by a security breach, malware outbreak, laptop theft, or HR issue, there is no time to waste. Our expert team minimizes damages, protects electronic evidence, and determines the root cause of an incident. We use our specialized tools and procedures to quickly triage an incident and begin the recovery process.

Computer Forensic & eDiscovery

In the chaos of an incident, seldom does anyone consider that there could be future law suits or regulatory actions that require the preservation and collection of evidence. InfoDefense provides licensed and certified forensic examiners to provide an investigation as well as expert testimony.