Security Program

Security Program

Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

Seasoned security professionals, our Virtual Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) identify cyber risk, manage cyber security programs and work with information security teams to implement new safeguards. The Virtual CISO ensures cyber security programs are in alignment with business objectives. He/She also translates cyber risk into business terms.

Security Policies

Define information security roles and responsibilities and establish high-level requirements for protecting information within your organization. The cornerstone of any information security program, well defined security policies and standards govern not only end user, but also information technology management activities.

Security Procedures

Define information security processes such as new employee on-boarding, encryption key management, system change control and/or vulnerability testing to demonstrate compliance. Tailor security procedures to your company’s specific requirements while ensuring your organization meets compliance obligations.

Security Metrics

Identify high risk business processes and technologies to proactively address problem areas. Analyze trends to demonstrate return on your security investment as well as overall security program effectiveness. Security metrics are used to justify additional security investments or to communicate cyber risk reduction.