Threat and Vulnerability Management

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System and Network Vulnerability Scanning

Are your systems being maintained at the most current patch levels? Vulnerability scanning solutions from InfoDefense can help identify vulnerabilities in your systems at the virtual host, operating system and application levels that will minimize the surface area exposed to attack. We provide comprehensive reports to help your security teams work with your operations and application development teams to verify that systems are secure. Our security experts will guide you through the development of mitigation processes to scan and remediate your systems before these systems go into production and as part of an on-going re-assessment of your production environment.
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Advanced Persistent Threat Protection

Identifying advanced persistent threats to your systems helps you proactively identify and prevent ever-evolving attack strategies. Assaults on your systems are progressively changing through the use of malware intended to evade conventional anti-virus controls. InfoDefense can identify and mitigate advanced persistent threats through the use of cutting edge firewalls that distinguish and block targeted and obscure malware by actively breaking down it in a secure, cloud-based virtual location before it gets into your network and wreaks havoc on your systems and cripples your business.
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Web Application Security

As more and more applications are being developed to use browser technology in a web-based approach, the security of these applications moves to the forefront of any company’s information security strategy. InfoDefense can scan your web-based applications for vulnerabilities and help you mitigate them before these systems are implemented in your production environment. Ideally, web application security should be integrated into your company’s software development life cycle processes, and our security team can review these processes to identify how to make this happen.
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Threat Vector Analysis

Your network security infrastructure is continuously changing, and InfoDefense helps ensure those changes don’t impact your security posture by continuously analyzing your network security infrastructure for weaknesses, configuration flaws and compliance violations that could lead to real trouble down the road. Our security experts simplify the complexity inherent in any enterprise network architecture and prioritizes gaps in security by focusing on policy standards and overall business risk, putting you in control and allowing you to focus on your most important issues.
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