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Stay Ahead of Threats

Cyber Threats are Continually Evolving, Shouldn't Your Security Program as Well? Leverage Our Team of Cyber Security Experts to Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats.
Piggy Bank

Get More Security for Less

Increase the Impact of Your Security Investment by Focusing on the Areas that Need it Most. We Offer a Cost-Effective Combination of People, Process and Technology to Secure Your Company.

Ensure Effectiveness

Ensure that Your Security Program is Effective. Along with Enterprise-ready Security Solutions, We Offer Continual Security Metrics to Track Security Against Corporate Objectives.

CyberSecure 360

"Cyber Security Team as a Service"

Designed for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses, Our CyberSecure 360 Services Offer a Way for Smaller Organizations to Get the Benefits of a large Company Security Team for Roughly the Cost of a Single Experienced Cyber Security Professional. InfoDefense Offers CyberSecure 360 Services as Bundles as Well as Stand-alone Services to Meet a Wide Range of Security and Compliance Needs.

CyberSecure 360

Professional Services

Our professional service offerings are designed to fill short-term needs for information security expertise. InfoDefense has successfully completed project-based services like security assessments, penetration tests, security technology implementations and computer incident response engagements for customers in virtually every industry since 2001.

  • Assessment
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Incident Response
When the unthinkable happens, we are there to help. Whether it is a security breach, lost laptop or malware infection, we have specialized technology and procedures to mitigate the impact of any computer security incident. InfoDefense offers incident response planning, breach response and computer forensic services.