Security Assessment

Security Assessment

InfoDefense Offers a wide range of risk-based information security audit and assessment services that were designed to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

Internet Exposure Assessment

The Internet Exposure Assessment is designed to identify security gaps in your firewall and Internet accessible servers. During an Internet Exposure Assessment, InfoDefense security experts perform a test to identify firewall and Internet exposed server vulnerabilities. Our consultants then review vulnerabilities with you to provide remediation guidance.

Vulnerability Assessment

The Vulnerability Assessment is designed to assess corporate network devices for flaws such as missing security updates and configuration errors. During a vulnerability assessment, our security experts test the local-area and wide-area networks for known vulnerabilities. Tests include servers, workstations and network devices. As with all of our assessments, we not only summarize our findings, but we make recommendations to resolve each vulnerability we find.

Penetration Testing

Discover if your web applications, critical systems, offices or even employees are susceptible to attack. The penetration test is designed to not only identify vulnerabilities, but also exploit them in a controlled manner. Because of the potential disruption to production operations, penetration tests are often performed on quality assurance or staging systems rather than production systems.

Enterprise Information Security Review

The Enterprise Information Security Review is our most comprehensive security controls assessment. This service is designed to identify not only technical, but also business process security gaps. InfoDefense uses its proprietary assessment methodology, which is based on time-tested industry standards, to ensure reliable results.

Human Risk Assessment

Determine how susceptible your employees are to phishing emails, social engineering and other attacks. Our Human Risk Assessment services include phishing, phone-based social engineering, onsite simulated attack exercises and other assessments that are designed to test employee vigilance. Results can be used to justify security awareness investments.