Information Protection

InfoDefense designs and implements information protection solutions on a project basis or through its CyberSecure 360 services.


Protect your organization from Internet and other external threats such as system intrusion, malware and ransomware. InfoDefense protects networks with a combination of firewall, intrusion prevention, malware protection, web content filtering and spam protection technologies. Furthermore, we provide secure remote access through virtual private networking (VPN) and multi-factor authentication.


Laptop computers, smart phone and tablets are increasingly connecting to networks that are outside of corporate boundaries. Therefore, endpoint protection has never been more important. InfoDefense protects laptops, smart phones and tablets using host firewall, intrusion prevention, malware protection, encryption and authentication technologies.


Whether physical or cloud-based, technology infrastructure is where your organization's most critical information is stored and processed. InfoDefense designs authentication, access control, encryption, system update and threat protection solutions to protect technology infrastructure and the information stored within it.


Business applications enable productivity and corporate revenue. Application disruptions or breaches of information confidentiality cost businesses millions each year. InfoDefense designs and implements solutions that mitigate these risks.